Monday, July 17, 2017

I don't think I like drop-seats :(


Anonymous said...

How dare you Veronica - you naughty lil' girl.
Drop-seats are not your choice. Your behaviour is your choice. Is that clear missy ?
When naughty lil' girls are bad they get their bare botties soundly smacked. It has always been that way. And always will be.

Drop-seats provide a necessary mechanism for domestic order. They are an essential disciplinary tool and process. I have understood this for may decades :-)
Do you understand young lady ? Do I make myself loud and clear ?!

Let me tell you - if you were not wearing drop-seats Veronica, then your panties, PJs or swimsuit would be pulled down for a bare bottom spanking from mommy. Oh yes they sure would young lady !! Good and proper.

So stop whining already and get to your room at once Veronica, before I decide to turn you over my knee right now... having first gotten to walk to the cupboard and fetch my lil' rattan switchy-stick for your bare backside. Gulp !! Just as my mother gotten to do to me.

Gorgeous yummy scrummy bum Veronica. Divine. Oh my !!!! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

why would you not like dropseat i think dropseat look awesome and cute dont you
your butt look cute adorable all nice and firm love way your butt look in dropseat love way hands are holding your butt is it before or after spanking on dropseat bare butt

Anonymous said...


Tim . said...

Bare botties under them for spanks from irate grown ups ,best spanks , Tim x hello Brenda.