Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


jimc said...

Really enjoy the spankings you have chosen for this week's Saturday spankings. I really enjoy otk the best and these were wonderful. Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

Tim . said...

The Mummies lil son is otks being spanked bare botties for naughtiness ,best spanks V, from Timx

Anonymous said...

Oh my Veronica - one of the best series already ?! Strict, loving moms show they care, punishing only on the bare !!

Sunday Funnies - Oh my, how naughty is Zoe, Veronica ?! Oh my, I think back to my strict upbringing Veronica ! I would never dream of stealing ! Not once !

I gotten raised as a typical, lil' Southern girl in the 1960s, and my religious mommy kept a dreaded whippy, rattan switch in the cupboard for her two lil' daughters. For lies or tantrums my shorts and panties gotten pulled down in the living room - "your backside needs switching", said a stern mom :-(

Mommy said punishment needed to be on bare skin so my rather chubby very pale botty was always exposed and unprotected for switchings throughout my childhood :-(
No exceptions - panties down !!! That special, lily-white, fairy-soft-skinned place was for sure designed and destined (!!) to receive the "hornets nest bottysmacker" from mother for misbehaviour Veronica !

I think Zoe's mom should have gotten a switch already...years ago eh Veronica ?! Never to late though. Never too late eh Veronica ?!

Cartoon 2 is sooo cute, Ol' fashioned, conservative and stern. I love the naughty daughter's expression. She will learn from this. The "hornet's nest" is sure landing Veronica. A kind, caring Japanese mommy believes corporal punishment is a normal part of strict, loving family life. A jokari paddle to the bare botty (and a protective arm being held back) is the only form of discipline for her daughter in this traditional household. Job done !

Cartoon 3 is cute already too Veronica. Love mom's resolute face, cutey white panties down and the stingy red botty. That is my lovely lil' sister over mom's knee early 1960s, ha-ha

But Oh my, first cartoon is a real favorite Veronica. Modern with strict 1950s-style emphasis. Love mommy's expression. She knows her daughter's bottom has gotten proper, mommy-approved justice right here ! Love the red hand, doing its duty. Love mom's firm, holding technique ! She is an expert. That naughty, tender brat's bare botty is defenceless for sure Veronica. Quite right too !! A maternal lesson is being taught. Strict, loving mommies know best !!
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx