Monday, August 21, 2017

Before the Internet existed...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what memories Veronica. Many of us gotten these recollections of magazines and early films/videos I am sure. I am in my late 50s, so all this was a right of was getting my bare bottom spanked growing up ! I still have my prized collection of those early 1970s/80s mags Veronica. I am sure many of us still do ?

I left home for College in the big City (mid-late 1970s) and then started work. I spent my life in shops that sold these magazines ! I was in awe Veronica. It was for sure a new insight for a strictly raised, traditional, lil' Southern girl !

As you know, I gotten to found "Debbie and her mother" (Margo) by Nu-West/LEDA so compelling already. Those domestic punishment scenes, living rooms and home interiors were exactly like my childhood in Georgia in the 1960s !! Oh my ! When I gotten naughty from an early age, my mom said "your backside needs a switching"- and my white cotton panties always came down for the dreaded, whippy rattan cane on my bare bum !! :-(
I gotten it in that 1960s living room. And my lil' sister's bare, white botty and all ! It was so harsh and traditional Veronica. But we daughters survived (boo-hoo) and it did us girls good ! Nu-West then rejuvenated it for sure.

I discovered that Debbie was Margo's actual, real-life daughter. Margo punished her over her knee, when she was a naughty lil' one (1950s/60s) with the hairbrush on her bare bottom in a normal, strict, loving, maternal fashion. That was normal bare-bottom domestic medicine for naughty daughters in most households back then ! As my sister and I fully experienced from our stern mom, as I said. Films were then later made to recount these mother-daughter punishments - "Debbie and her mother".

When I met my hubby much later in the 1980s, I introduced him to these magazines and the "Scene". He was not a natural (strictly raised Southern girl !) afficionado like lil' ol' me Veronica. I soon taught him already ha-ha
Wonderful post Veronica - thank you. Great memories of those special shops !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx