Monday, August 14, 2017

Can you guess what's going through my mind?


Mike Pahula said...

thought how you need some sleep or asking self why was you being naughty girl how you know a spanking strapping coming to teach you lesson or you dreaming about me right lol

Anonymous said...

Have you gotten a time out for throwing a princess tantrum in the store Veronica ?
Or maybe you gotten a visit to the Naughty Step already ?
Or perhaps you have gotten a naughty lil' girl sentence from Papa Tony, to have the bare, lily-white skin on your fairest, cotton-soft backside smacked to the shade of a Texas sun downer with his hard, flexible, stingy, rubber-soled slipper ?
Boo-Hoo Veronica. You are the "naughty little deer with the bear behind" :-(
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Veronica I think you're thinking:
So just where is my naughty devil now? He's late again and it's past spanking time, how could he forget MY over-the-knee bare bottom SPANKING?!?!?! His OWN next bare bottom spanking will be much harder and longer over my silky knees, and I'll teach him a lesson by teasing him in my sexiest strappy high heels, shortest pleated mini skirt and frilly lacy panties first too before pulling down his pants and underwear to his skinny ankles and marching him to the spanking chair, then bend him over my silky knees and tease more before blushing his bare bottom to a blazing glow, that should teach him to not forget and ever be late again!!!! Hmmm, then again, he might be late more often with that teasing naughty incentive but just how dare he forget and be late for MY SPANKINGS?!?!?!?!
There's no vengeance more exciting than vengeance from a wild spanking hot bottomed woman!!!
Masterfully fantasized and plotted by your least expected mild mannered friendly neighborhood ND =;)

Anonymous said...
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