Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Summer and tan lines go hand-in-hand and you Spankers love it!:)

Smile and have a sexy spank filled weekend. :)


jimc said...

The wrong parts of the body have the healthy red glow or the tan is not very even or missing many spots. Great spankables and hope they have bottoms as red as the other sun-burned areas. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Veronica, we Southern belles love our tan lines
Lil' princess-brats discover at an early age that red sore skin from sun burn is bad and harmful.
But red sore skin on a fairest, tender backside from "botty burn" (a good spanking from mommy !)is good, kind and least over the long term !!

"Come right here inside at once", said mommy to her two daughters - photos one and two.
"Just look at you already ! I told you not to stay out in that Georgia sun in the garden. And you disobeyed me. So yes, you both gotten your swim suits pulled down for a good whuppin' on your bare, lily-white botties with my lil' switchy-stick ! Oh yes you did. Stop blubbing !

"Your backsides need protection from the sun, but they need no protection from mom's stinging switch when you have been naughty girls ! Oh no they do not !"

"Oh my, the red, sore botty burn from me, will sure sting a lot more than sun burn on your sensitive, bare situpons. But it will be harmless and a good lifelong lesson for you two princesses already !
Sun burn is dangerous. So do not disobey me again! Now bend over. You gonna get some new tan lines for sure young ladies !!"

Strict Loving Mommy Brenda - with the softest, palest, whitest ass and the best tan lines in the Universe :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Naughty devil will be giving the cute darling naughty dancing girls wiggling those hips like that much more than just a good loving spanking!!! Gorgeous teases, favored by 10 out of 10 naughty devils!!! ND =;)