Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"Smack my ass!"

"I need a spanking
with my tennis racquet."

"Now it's your turn."

Waiting in the corner for their daddies!!!

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Tan lines means spankings !

Oh my, how wonderful Veronica. Just look at those lovely chubby white botties waiting and trembling for discipline. The "seat of learning" sure is clearly marked in fairest sensitive white for strict, loving mommies who keep a whippy, lil' switchy-stick in the cupboard Veronica ! Tan lines sure do have a disciplinary purpose and context.

I am perfecting my tan lines and snow white bum for my hubby Veronica. I gotten so retro this past few years. I gotten a lovely new two-piece, large swimsuit ! :-)

Back at home in the 1960s, as an outdoor sporty lil' fair-skinned girl (enjoying paddling pools in friends' gardens already) I had the best, super tan lines and fairest, lily- white, chubby botty in sunny Georgia ! Oh my, I sure was that Coppertone girl in the famous advert with the lil' dog pulling her costume down.

Unfortunately I also had the strictest mother in Georgia too Veronica. Oh my !!
When my lil' sister and were naughty we gotten a "backside switching" with mom's flexible, rattan cane :-(
Stood in the living room,we gotten scolded. Then we gotten our panties pulled down for a a good whipping !
Veronica, our tan lines and bare, sensitive, alabaster-white botties were sure on show a lot back then for punishment in the living room, as religious, strictly raised lil' Southern girls. That was just normal in the 1960s in our house :-(

Tan lines sure means memories and spankings for me Veronica. What about you ?
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Tim . said...

These cute lil girls will have their mummie s administering spankings for parading their botties in public ,sounds of spanks bawls ooh it s started ,best spanks V. and hello Brenda spanko pals of minex

Dai Preston said...

Funny...The first one looks alot like you. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...
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