Thursday, August 10, 2017

Super Thursday Present's: "My Spanking Voyeur"

Perhaps he's hiding behind a door or a fence. Maybe he's hiding in the bushes or looking inside my window. The voyeur is lurking with his throbbing cock in hand getting off while lil' ol' me gets my bottom spanked and the exhibitionist in me is loving every minute of it! Perhaps he's you?

The voyeur hides in the bushes.

The voyeur hides behind a fence.

The voyeur peeks through a hole in the wall.

The voyeur looks into my home.

The voyeur lurks outside my house.

He hides inside my closet.

He peers in from another room.

He watches with binoculars.

He looks through my keyhole.

He watches as my bottom turns red.

He knows the exact time of day or night that I get spanked!

He knows the reason for my spanking.

I feel his eyes watching as my ass wiggles. 

He loves over-the-knee spanking as much as I do.

He loves when I kick my legs.

He loves when I pout.

My voyeur loves me...

... and I love my voyeur right back. XoXo


jimc said...

Yes, i do enjoy your voyeour series as i do enjoy your otk moments that you share with us. Great pics. Thanks for sharing and an intresting commentary for this weeks selections. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

And your naughty devil voyeur just loves peeking up your flirty little miniskirt at your cute fanny, wishing to take you over my knee to have that little skirt flipped up and pull those little teasing panties down for a good loving bare bottom spanking followed with loving cuddling and caressing aftercare!!! Yes, naughty devil loves you very much too dear!!! ND =;)

Tim . said...

He s a lucky chap ,best spanksTim x