Monday, August 28, 2017

Updating my blog...

Trying my best to post some spanking goodness for my beautiful followers to enjoy. Honestly, when Tony took this surprise photo with his cell I wasn't going to post it because I just woke up and had no make-up, but I decided what the heck! :)


Tim . said...

Vanessa you don t need make up you are a pretty girl ,best spanks ,Tim x

Mike Pahula said...
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Anonymous said...
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Brett said...
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Anonymous said...

CP Yummy Mummy...and naughty lil' daughter. Fetch the switchy-stick !

You look gorgeous Veronica. So lush and divine. Love your soft silky legs !
Veronica, I am a CP mom in my late 50s. A strict disciplinarian who gotten raised myself in the 1960s in a strict, religious household where corporal punishment was routine and normal.

Veronica, I gotten to imagine you both as naughty lil' daughter next door and also as a strict, loving mommy, like, say, Sarah Gregory. I would like to see you give your naughty daughter (say, Samantha Woodley) with a bad attitude, a potty-mouth and a fair, sensitive, soft-skinned botty a good panties down whuppin' with a rattan switch. A strict mother is a good mother Veronica !

I would also love to see a new Japanese-style Momma Spankings, where two tender, naughty lil' daughters gotten their panties pulled down and their bare botties caned by strict, loving, Mommy Veronica, in the living room . You are a traditional, Ol' fashioned Japanese mom...maybe wearing a Kimono, Veronica. Bare bottom canings (with a flexible, "Biblical" rattan switch) is what my sister and me gotten from mom in the 1960s in the living room in Georgia ! :-(

I have been surrounded by strict, Southern moms for many decades Veronica. Oh my !!! I love the traditional CP mommies (like yours truly) who are typified by Tasha Lee, Dana Specht, Samantha Baker, Jane Fonda, Miss Elizabeth ...they remind me of my own mother, years ago (she's now in her 80s) And they remind me of myself today !! I see you Veronica as a young strict "yummy mommy" like Snow Mercy and Sarah Gregory - the Brat Whisperer ! :-)

But you are also my bratty daughter. "Stand up and get your hands on your head, young lady". Veronica's cutey, lil' black spotty shorts and cotton panties gotten pulled down to her knees. "Yes I am gonna give you a sound, whuppin' on a bare botty, Veronica", said Mommy Brenda flicking her whippy, rattan switch through the air.

"It sure is the only way naughty lil' Texas girls deserve it. And it sure was the only way my lil' sister and me gotten it from mom in the 1960s, back in Atlanta". Naughty daughter, Veronica bends over the sofa to receive her nasty, stingy "hornets nest" of a spanking on bare-skinned botty. That's a normal mommy-approved routine in my book !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx