Sunday, September 24, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Who said nerdy girls don't get SPANKED!!!


Anonymous said...

Nerdy girls are still naughty Veronica ! Wearing glasses does not mean the naughty girl next door doesn't get her panties pulled down for a bare-botty whuppin' from Papi !
That is Southern culture and values Veronica. In strict, loving homes !
The neighbors gotten to understand that ...and they sure hear the bare smacks on bare skin already !

Similarly Veronica, lil' cutey, Harley Havik gotten her softest, fairest-skinned botty badly burnt with mommy's hairbrush - "Lingerie, Lies & Spankings", Momma Spankings. Oh my, Samantha Baker is a wonderful, strict, loving mommy after my own heart. Lovely but traditional and very stern. Harley is the cutest, naughty princess-brat of a daughter. Bad arguments already !

Sadly, Mommy Samantha is sooo cross and passes sentence. So naughty Harley's snuggy, cotton shorts have to come down. Followed by a pair of cotton panties. And a palest, soft, chubby, botty is exposed for mommy-approved punishment, over-the-knee. Boo-Hoo :-(

I soooo love the teeny-weeny hint of your bare white yummy bum here now, Veronica. Reflecting that bright Austin sunshine as a naughty daughter in purgatory !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think nerdy girls need spankings more often! It lets them know how important they are - and how much we value them.

Thank you for the blog - I am digging the new look (it is easier to read).

But, try not to lose our comments from now on. (Remember - nerdy girls need spankings, too. Losing the comments again would definitely indicate what you - you nerdy girl - would need - and deserve!).


Anonymous said...

Very True. You look just like a young lady I spanked long ago, who discovered despite being quite intelligent (which I prefer to nerdy), that when she misbehaved around me, she would still be the owner of a bright red behind for a considerable period of time. That intelligence also did not prevent her from kicking up a storm during the spanking, or reaching for and vigorously rubbing her behind afterwards like she had sat on a stove.

You can be nerdy, or that which I call intelligent, but not many spanks in, that façade quickly fades, and you look and react like any other well spanked, young lady.

Love this picture, Veronica. Well done, just as you are often (pun fully intended).

Pygophilous1 said...

Very yummy indeed. For some reason The Scorpions song Loving You Sunday pops up in my brain....