Tuesday, September 26, 2017

For all you "NAUGHTY" boys!


Anonymous said...

My hubby is pretending to be scared Veronica. Pretending not to like it ! ;-)
I am gonna send him over at once !

And I am thinking about you being a strict, loving mommy to a bunch of naughty lil' Japanese princess-brats Veronica. Standing in school skirts, with hands on their heads and their ol' fashioned, conservative, cotton, white, panties around their knees - Momma Spankings style. Boo-hoo !

You are sure gonna redden their bare, fairy-soft botties with your lil' mommy-approved, thin, rattan switchy-cane. Cotton-white bums to water-melon red, as Southern moms would say. Boo-Hoo !

The lil' rattan cane sure gotten to be an essential, attitude-adjusting, peace-keeping, disciplinary implement for traditional, hard-working, Japanese moms with troublesome princess-brats in tow. Calm and catharsis for lovely mommy already, Veronica !?
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Nicholas Christie said...

I am not sure if you are either encouraging me, or scaring me. Lol

Tim . said...

Yes young lady you could give me my Birthday spanks tomorrow if you like ,best spanks ,Tim x

Mike Pahula said...

I can picture you spanking naught young boys otk in back yard in same chair. Maybe in driveways everybody going by can see naughty boy being spanked you catching naughty boy n return get spanking by you

Anonymous said...

Umm... uh... Well... can i have another chance - I'll be good! I promise!

Noooooo!!! Please!!!

Uh OH!

By the way - you do have a lovely lap.

Love your blog! It is fun. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

To be over put your silky knees Veronica, naughty devils would just love to get reincarnated to be continuously getting more over-the-knee bare bottom spankings of your life over and over again for the next one to be harder and longer!!!! ND =;)

Tim . said...

Audrey of Punished Brats fame gave me a Birthday spanking recently ,best spanks ,Tim x