Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"I'm ready for my strapping!"

Just caught after sneaking out with boyfriend.

"Daddy I was suspended from school."

Girls night out... just wait until hubby finds out!!!

In position for daddy's belt. :(

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

That looks like a naughty mommy after my own heart Veronica (photo 4, far-left, blond !) and I'm gonna whip their three bare, tender bums with my switchy-stick and watch them dance uncomfortably with their jeans and panties strangling their knees ! Thwippy- snap-smack ! Thwippy-snap-smack !

Oh my, Veronica ! That naughty soft botty (photo 5) is sure the place where daddy's strap is gonna be applied. She is raised in a very strict, traditional household Veronica. "Don't spare the rod" and all.

I expect many of your lil' girlfriend peers gotten the same from their strict fathers in the 1970s Veronica ? it sure was the case for naughty daughters in my Georgia neighborhood in the 1960s. Moreover, in that terribly scary, cute but cringing strict manner of ol' fashioned Southern moms; my religious mommy said (when I was very young, early 1960s) that my sensitive, pale, chubby botty was provided by God and Nature for maternal punishment when I gotten naughty. Oh my, Gulp !! Is that is what botties are for Veronica ?! :-(

Oh my ! I gotten plenty of mommy-approved sentences and whuppins with the rattan switch on my bare backside over the years ! I reckon this naughty lil' missy in the photo gotten the same strict upbringing Veronica...sure did her good too eh ?!
Have a good weekend
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

All these cute young girls will receive spankings from their mummies for their naughtiness ,best spanks Veronica and hello Brenda .from Tim x