Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hope you like my blogs new look....:)

I decided to change the blogs background theme so my photos can better fit and pop out more. I think with this layout your eyes gravitate right to my pics. Let me know what you think and yes I miss my red hearts. :(


Unknown said...

thanks you posted my picture Veronica.

Anonymous said...

Yep - the new layout is nice - but the blog is the best part - it is excellent with or without the red hearts!

Keep up the good work - and - it does not matter that you lost all of our comments - please don't lose the blog posts. The posts are the reason we come here!

OH! I really like the school girl outfit - and your paddling was hot.

Keep up the good work and Thank you for the blog, and the new layout.


Tim . said...

Veronica it is very nice as you are ,best spanks from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Gravitational bottoms...
I so like your new format Veronica :-) Definitely an improvement, thank you.
The photos and artwork have more clarity - yes your lovely bum pops out more !! ;-) And our eyes do gravitate to your pics !! :-)

This scrummy, big, bad bum here certainly pops out too Veronica. My naughty hubby said something about her ass and his face. I reminded him that this a spanking site already ! Oh my !
I gotten to miss your love hearts already Veronica ha-ha !
Great new site - thank you young lady !
Huggiess, spankies and gravitational eyes, Brenda and Hubby xx