Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday morning cartoons...

... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Tim . said...

The naughty lil girl spanks her mummy as well ,best spanks, Tim x

Tim . said...

The 2 naughty girls are we think about to spank theit mummy for some reason not really explained their ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Hard meets soft ! Wooden spoon to the bare botty awarded. A good mother's job done Veronica...animation, number 5 !

I gotten it in the 1960s, and my daughters gotten it from me in the early 1990s.

Oh my ! Sure cures naughty behavior Veronica and is a proven, trusty stingy accessible bottysmacker of old ! I also used a rubber spatula, hairbrush and the rattan switch...but the wooden spoon featured already

Love this animation Veronica . A strict, no-nonsense mother in action. Just like my own mom and just like yours truly when I gotten blessed with my two daughters in he 1980s - the super-soft, super-sensitive, non-resilent fairest skin on our naughty botties sure lends itself to a nasty, stern, punishing visit from a mommy-approved wooden spoon !! A rite of passage for naughty daughters annoying their strict, caring mommies Veronica

Did this naughty daughter have to put her hands on her head while mom pulled down her zany, crazy-patterend orange leggings and lil' white panties before having her skirt raised over mom's knee to expse the seat of learning ? My daughters sure did !!

The wooden spoon is best on vulnerable bare skin of a naughty bottom Veronica. No need to penetrate protective coverings aka clothes ! Being 1950s born, I can tell you how bad it stings on the bare botty veronica... Gulp ! I only ever gotten it on the bare. And my ditto my daughters who remember those same maternal punishments from me. I spanked with love when necessary Veronica .

I was a strict, loving, traditional (and working) 1980s mother - and now my daughters - only just entered their thirties - thank me for my strong rules, family values and corporal punishments on their bare seats in their childhoods !
"You sure tore our butts up mom", they say - a younger girls, modern phrase already, Veronica. Or "I tanned your hides already" as an older, 1960s-style conservative expression from yours truly (in my late 50s) says !
Strict Nostalgic Mom Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Viewing again - wooden sppon to the bare botty over mommy's knee - I love that last cartoon, Veronica: the beautiful, zany (almost psychedelic) colorful animation from the artist, Tua. This is one of my favorite pieces of art on your amazing Blog, Veronica. Love the animated movements of all the characters involved in the spanking of a naughty lil' daughter.

Tua sure captures the reality of corporal punishment (in traditional homes) for me growing up as a child in the early 1960s. And Tua's artwork shows the normality of corporal punishment. It was a simple fact of lie. If we daughters misbehaved, our white botties gotten bared, and spanked hard. Period !
From age 8 it was the whippy, lil' cane on my bare bum and when younger I gotten the wooden spoon and hairbrush (on bare skin). No fuss or ceremony, just firm punishment which made me scream. But it was harmless, salutary and necessary. Oh my !

I love this staunch focus and normalization of spanking in Tua's work - for that's how it gotten to be in real life. No PC or wishy-washy nonsense. I had those conversations with PC moms in the late 1980s and 1990s when I was raising my own two girls in a strict, loving fashion ie bare bottom whoopings from me. PC moms were shocked with the idea of normal maternal spankings being given on their snowflake-daughters tender, bare bottoms. Whereas I gotten raised (I am nearly age 60 already) to understand (and experience) that there was no other way of being disciplined as a child. Time-outs did not exist.

I love the fact that mother here on this animation, has adjusted three layers of clothing to expose the sensitive, lily-white skin on a naughty bare botty for proper effective firm maternal chastisement with the stingy wooden spoon. The alabaster-white skin surrounds and a very bright red seat adds a compelling feature. That was normal in my life, both as a daughter (1960s spankee) and as a mother (1990s spanker) .

Veronica, I find that this artist, Tua, always captures that iconic traditional "1950s context and perspective" of domestic corporal punishment and it takes me right back to my whoopings from my mom in the living room at home in Atlanta in the early 1960s.

I so love the art on your Blog Veronica, especially the realistic pictures that illustrate the very strict, conservative, formal and yes, traumatic details of the spankings my sister and me received...and our friends too ! It was just normal life, nothing unusual.
Thank you - hugs and spanks.
Strict Mother Brenda xx