Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Schoolgirls may be cruel but they still rule :)


Anonymous said...

"Sisters are doing it for themselves". Yes Veronica, my hubby sure loves this one already. Don't we all ? Oh my !

Talking of which, have you seen the complete, full-length, feature trailer for Strictmoor Academy Year 1. It's 19 minutes Veronica - truly wonderful and fabulous ! Oh my !! See four trembling, lily-white botties gotten marched up the stairs. Lots of naughty girls with hands on heads and large, cotton white panties gotten tumbled down for mommy-approved spankings on bare, sensitive seats of learning ! Quivering pale botties galore. Sooooo strict veronica. Soooo good. It is set in New England - but I have never gotten to see such a reminder of my house in Georgia in the 1960s. Boo-Hoo !

Favorites on the trailer include Dana Specht (naturally) and that scary, realistic, strict formal mommy, Mrs Cooper. Gulp ! As Sarah G's cute, sober and conservative narration says regarding Mommy Cooper's frequent baring sequences: " After a lot of scolding and finger wagging, she told her (Sian) to put her hands on her head and then turned her panties inside out down her legs"....naughty Sian's large white panties...and then fairest-pale, chubby botty facing the viewer ! Oh my. What a video - loud, stinging smacks and blubbering brats already - see it on the Blog
Hugs and hard spanks to you Veronica
Hello Tim too -)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Brenda ,yes i belong to young Sarah s spanky sites ,best spanks from Tim .