Thursday, September 14, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Veronica's 1st Day Of School"

SLAM!!!! Tony heard a loud bang and turned around to see his daughter storm through the back door. Her long raven hair stood out against her white school shirt as she marched into the kitchen. "How was your first day of school princess?" Tony asked almost regretfully. "It sucked!!!" his daughter shouted back. There was fury in her voice as she threw her books on the floor and sat down on a straight back chair in the kitchen. The same chair that Tony has sat on numerous times to turn his daughter across his knee when she misbehaved. The thought of doing it again began to cross his mind especially with the attitude his daughter is currently displaying. But Tony tried to reason with his daughter and find out what possibly could have happened at school to make her so angry. "Why are you upset Veronica" he asked with a caring voice. "I HATE FUCKIN' SCHOOL AND DON'T PLAN ON GOING BACK TOMORROW, THE TEACHER GAVE ME FUCKIN' HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!" Veronica screamed at the top of her lungs. After that outburst Tony knew that there was only one cure and even though he hasn't spanked Veronica in quite sometime he knew that it was the only way to adjust Veronica's attitude. "You're getting a spanking" Tony muttered. "A what?" Veronica asked as she didn't quite understand what her father said. 'A SPANKING" he shouted "A DAMN GOOD SPANKING OVER MY KNEE!" Tony grabbed his daughter by her arm and tossed her across his lap. It's been many years since she got a spanking and once she was across his knee he realized that she was a grown woman now and no longer a small girl. Her bottom was rounder than he remembered and her entire body had filled his lap but he knew that this spanking was long overdue. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Veronica kicked her legs but did not cry and remained quiet. After several minutes of spanking he lifted her navy pleated skirt to reveal a fully grown backside and continued the spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The echo was now louder as his bare hand struck her white nylon panties. She continued to squirm and let out some moans and groans but did not ask for him to stop or apologize for her rude behavior. At this point Tony would of bared her bottom but he knew his daughter was a grown woman now and as he continued to spank her he wrestled with the idea if he should or should't pull her panties down for a bare bottom thrashing. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Still no apology from Veronica. Tony decided to bare her bottom. As he swooped her panties down he saw a round firm bottom staring back at him. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Tony spanked his daughter harder and harder, he saw her bottom turning redder and redder. Now he could hear Veronica start to sniffle and in a little girl voice she stammered "Daddy I'm sorry I promise to be a good girl. Daddy I'll never ever use curse words and I'll do all my homework." Tony lifted her off his lap and stood up. "If you ever act like that again young lady I'll use the hairbrush next time! As long as you live under my roof I will continue to spank you whenever I see fit!" Tony said as he left the room. Veronica rubbed her sore and hot bottom and began doing her homework. "What a way to start the school year" she thought with a grin. :)

Veronica slammed the back door and marched inside.

"I fuckin' hate school!!!" Veronica shouted!

"You're getting a spanking" said daddy.

Over-the-knee she goes.

Daddy decided to bare her bottom.


Tim . said...

Veronica you had a sound spanking for very naughty language young lady ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Veronica, if you were my daughter, I would have gotten to light a fire on your bare backside with my switchy-stick my girl ! Right there in the living room.
How dare you potty-mouth like that !

And you would sure be doing the switchy-dance and rubbing your red, unbearably stingy, soft-skinned botty. And crying like a mommy-approved, admonished lil' princess-brat !
And then sent to your room already with a swarm of bees buzzing against your rear end in your ol' fashioned, formal school panties, skirt and uniform !

So love your curvy bum Veronica, pouting and plumply swelling in your white, cotton panties. And then for sure, quivering and trembling like milk-jelly in its unprotected, bare, lily-white state across a stern father's knee ! As it sure deserves to be Veronica.
Good to see daughters still gotten to be soundly punished like I was in the 1960s. Oh my ! Justice gotten served right here today.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Always love the fall colors of the first day of school with cute naughty girls in little school uniform skirts all ready for their first over-the-knee bare bottom spankings in front of the whole class and to be repeated at home when daddy finds out!!!! My, such a beautiful crimson blush starting to glow on your luscious fanny, just enough to last until tomorrow's spankings!!!
Gleeful wicked old ND =;) is back!!!!