Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Veronica's Potpourri...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for our start to School Veronica. It sure is my hubby's favorite genre.
As naughty schoolgirls, we're gonna get the cane on our bare bums soon Veronica. Just a matter of time already ! ;-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

And best of all, back to more over-the-knee spankings in cute pleated school girl skirts getting flipped up to to have your little pretty panties pull down to your knees for all your naughty devil fans to watch!!!! Just love seeing brightly glowing cheeks to match your pretty face with embarrassing blushing cheeks (streaked with tears and running mascara would be a nice touch too dear!) Naughty school girls wearing short flirty pleated skirts need to be held firmly in place over-the-knee for a good long hard hand spanking to tears and forgiven afterward with cuddling sitting on her naughty devil's lap and encouraged to wear her cute pleated school girl skirt much more often!!!!
Have to check up on you and tease more often Veronica, need to make sure you're not skipping school and not wearing your required short pleated school girl skirt to get your daily credits in otk spanking class!!!
Your Professor of OTK Spanking,
ND =;)