Sunday, October 29, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Imagine throwing a Halloween costume party and your hubby spanking you in front of all your friends.... men are just dogs (wolves).

The bitchiest witch you'll ever meet.... Veronica!

"This isn't funny you dog... our friends are watching!"

"Omigosh.... Now this is really embarrassing!!!"

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, just look at your lily-white, fairy-soft botty Veronica ! Reflecting the intense Texas light. I'm surprised ol' wolfie did't have a nibble as well as a spank !
Some prime, tasty, lush hams there for sure Veronica ;-)
Pure temptation for the Halloween devil :-)
Fabulous outfits ! Happy Halloween...spankings are scary !
Strict Mommy Brenda and Hubby xx

Dai Preston said...

Love the shots. Especially the last one. The disapproving look on your face while your husband gets campy for the camera is precious.

Anonymous said...

I so love that second photo Veronica - Happy Halloween :-)
I soooo would love to give your fairest-white, bare, super-soft botty some tickle tail with the good ol' hickory stick Veronica. Strict Southern style. A traditional, mommy-daughter Trick or Treating nightmare ! :-)

Oh my, you would sure be doing the naughty Witchy-Switchy-Dance back to your broomstick young lady. Now fly back to our room at once !

Remember Veronica, when naughty lil' witches gotten spanked over their no-nonsense mommy's knee - they keep their black hats on their heads ....but not their pink panties on their botties !!!
Strict Mommy Witch Brenda xx

Pygophilous1 said...

Costume rules. It loks like the werewolf from American Werewolf In London.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what the darling witch gets for casting teasing flirty spanking spells all year long! Now if the darling witch would have pulled out the silver hairbrush to tame her werewolf with his own embarrassing hairy bare bottom over your witchy witch knees spanking, then your friends would have been amused with his own embarrassing howling!!! Such fun trick or treats!!! ND =;)