Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"Hi daddy, why are you following me to my room with that hairbrush?Are you going to brush my hair?"

"I burnt dinner again!"

"Sorry sweetheart, I just spent the mortgage money on new clothes."

Selfie meant for boyfriend but accidentally sent to daddy...ooops!

Smile and have a spanktacular weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Veronica, that last photo gotten my hubby into trouble.
I reminded him OFG is a spanking blog already ! I'm gonna send him round to you for a good whuppin'...and likewise, you'd better come round here for a good, bare-ass whuppin' too young lady ! :-)

Oh my, photo one shows a timeless, traditional fate that many a Texas girl gotten (like you Veronica) - good ol' hairbrush to the bare botty ! Or perhaps a good ol' bare-ass whuppin' from Papa's belt ! And many a naughty girl in Georgia sure gotten it too Veronica !

"Get your hands on your head, young lady". Cutey-brat's Daisy Dukes Shorts pulled to knees. Soft, cotton panties to follow ! Oucheeeeees to tender, bare botties. We all sure know the procedure Veronica. Stairway to doom !

Photo 2 - kitchen is a dangerous place for naughty lil' madams. Mommy's wooden spoon makes light work of bare, sensitive bums Veronica. Yes it does. Oh my !

Lovely photo 4 - great tattoos and tan lines. "Oh my, your soft, chubby, bare botty sure needs a switching young lady ! Yes I am gonna fetch my lil' rattan cane and you'll sure be doing the switchy-dance, my girl."
Mommy-approved lessons cure domestic situations Veronica !
Have a good weekend y'all
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Cute girls for spanks ,best from Tim Veronica and Brenda.