Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"Reminiscing my father spanking me while growing up and wishing my hubby was man enough to do the same!"

"Would this outfit get me spanked?"

"I'm ready for the strap daddy."

"Does it have to be on my bare bottom?"

"Please daddy... not a spanking, I'm too old!"

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

That last photo Veronica- Oh my. Oh my. Oh my ! What a cutey she is !

Veronica, I think she is saying: "Hi y'all, my name is Brenda and I'm a strictly, raised lil' Southern belle who's gotten the softest, fairest-white botty in Georgia ! When I was a cutey lil' princess in days of yore, my strict, loving, religious mom sure took no-messing. If I lied or was a potty-mouth , she used to pull down my panties, raise my pretty Southern dress, and tan my fairest-white hide with her lil' switchy- sick. Oucheees.

She kept that nasty, lil' rattan switch, "rod of correction" in the cupboard, for my bare cotton-soft, cotton-white hiney, for when I gotten real naughty. Oh my, it sure made my tender botty red and sore ! It sure made me squawk folks ! And it sure did me good already.

Mommy used to say my sensitive-skinned, fairy-soft botty gotten designed "by God and Nature" for punishment when I was naughty. Sure did seem that way. Sure thing. And strict CP sure licked me into shape. I never gotten into trouble when I was older. Mom tore my tender butt up. And so now I'm a good lil' Southern girl. Lil' ol' me ! Smile y'all "

My hubby likes photo 4 -good spread already ;-)

Soooooo love the tan lines on photo 3. She's a cutey -pinky brat and a naughty lil' Southern girl awaiting father's strap Veronica. I had the best tan lines in Georgia when I was a princess in the 1960s. We strictly raised, lil' Southern girls all had snow-white botties and huge tan lines, as you well remember Veronica.

Tan lines (minus protective panties !) seemed to clearly show the white "seat of learning target area !" when I gotten a whuppin' from mom. Boo-Hoo. My tan lines are now back to their perfect 1960s condition Veronica. I'm in my late 50s now.....feeling very retro !
Amazing photos this morning
Smile !
Naughty Lil' Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

Brenda ,enjoy your contributions here very much best from Tim .Hello Veronica ,best spanks from Tim x

Anonymous said...

I could comment on all the pictures, but I think I will do so to just two.
To the young lady thinking wishing her husband were more like her father,
have you talked to him? He might be willing to spank you.

To the girl who says she is too old to be spanked, She is not even old enough
to think about being too old! I have spanked a woman twice your age. You have
years of naughtiness and spankings to go.

Yours, Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim. Likewise for your comments.
Veronica makes it an easy pleasure. Unique blog this one.
So amazing from the clever, gorgeous naughty lil' girl ! :-)
Brenda xx