Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday's spankable

Halloween is once again upon us and so is the tradition of scantly dressed young ladies causing all sorts of mischief!!!

This witch has been teasing the boys all night,
now it's time for hubby to get even.:)

This wild west cowgirl was caught egging her teachers house,
what will daddy do???

Hobo attire doesn't sit too well with daddy!

Sailor moon will soon be sailing
across daddy's lap.

Naughty schoolgirls will soon find out
that there are consequences to being naughty.

Have a spanktastic and spooktistic spanking weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes for sure Veronica, naughty lil' Sailor Moon (no 4) will be sailing across daddy's lap; blue nautical skirt flipped up and soft, cotton, pastel blue panties pulled down for daddy-approved discipline !

...And feeling that scary cool air on her fairest, bare, soft, chubby botty. And did I mention the hickory switch ? That is how she was raised as a lil girl - don't spare the switch already - and she's never too old for that fatherly guidance and domestic whuppin' on the tender bare, Veronica !

Waiting for daddy, Naughty Cowgirl number 2 - "Hi y'all, my strict daddy says I'm gonna get a bare-as whipping with his belt. Just like I gotten in the old days when I was his lil' girl growing up. He's home any time soon. Boo-Hoo....Oh dear ! My poor lil' tender-white, bare-butt-botty-bott-botts already :-( ! "

Veronica, I think you also deserve the same punishments from Tony, right now. "Your bare backside needs a switching" (as my mother used to say, decades ago. Gulp !)
Smile and have a good weekend :-)
Hi Tim, you too. Have a good' un

Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like that last darling witch is brewing some warm pumpkin spice, a naughty devil's favorite!!! As to be expected on Spankoween, wickedly yours, as usual, ND =;)