Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Girls rule and boys drool! :)


Anonymous said...

Whatever that naughty lil' brat did Veronica, she will definitely be doing it again soon ;-)
So much for the "seat of learning" eh ?
The seat of yearning ! ;-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Pretty girl spanks another cute girl otks ,big sis keeping her lil sis in order ,best spanks as usual from your chum Tim x hello Brenda .

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Big huggies and spankies !
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter...and the (sensitive-skinned) Seat of Learning !

Blessed with motherhood and two gorgeous lil' daughters in the 1980s, it was naturally down to yours truly to discipline them in their childhood when they gotten naughty. My hubby was a good cop Veronica and no disciplinarian already. That was common in my experience - moms did the spanking !

I gotten very sternly raised (along with my sister) with tough CP in the 1960s by my Christian strict mother (she was also around a lot to discipline my daughters. Oh my ! My poor daughters) Veronica, it was no surprise that I did not support time outs or naughty steps already !! A strict mom is a good mom - I staunchly support CP. Not PC.

I purchased a special, flexible, hard, rubber spatula...not for cooking already, Veronica !
Looking at this fairy-soft, white-skinned naughty botty in this photo , Veronica, I vividly recall the moment when I had to tell my very young daughters that God had provided them with a special place for punishment from mommy ! A well-padded, chubby place, covered in alabaster-white, soft, tender skin where they will be soundly smacked with the spatula across mommy's knee when they made me cross !

Moreover, Veronica, I said the spatula would be (always !!!) be applied with their panties pulled down for a good proper whooping on that unprotected, sensitive skin on their bare botties. Exactly as I gotten punished, on my bare bottom skin, from my own mother, their Grandma, when I was a naughty child. No compromise from me, their strict, loving mother !! Gulp !!! The message sure gotten through. That was the punishment I frequently used.

And when they gotten older (to age 8) they gotten the switchy-cane ! Yes, same...on their bare backsides every time. No messing.
Do they resent their strict mom Veronica. No they do not. They thank me for licking them into shape. They have long left home and are just in their early 30s already. Spanker moms they sure will be Veronica !
Strict 1908s Mom Brenda (now aged late 50s) xx