Monday, October 23, 2017

My poor tender bare bottom...


Anonymous said...

As viewed from a third party:
"The Sore Tender Bare Bottom of a Beautiful Woman (who probably deserved her spanking)"

Thank you for the blog (and That was a great picture by the way).


Peter Wilde said...

Thanks for the pictures - they look great. It would be great if you would publish the entire series.

Anonymous said...

No velvety, cotton-soft botties gotten harmed in the raising of this lil' girl called Veronica, by her Papa Tony !
But they sure gotten spanked in their bare state ! You look gorgeous as always.

Veronica- Oh my, you are blessed with the softest, fairest-sensitive skin on your botty for good reason. It is a place provided by God and Nature for paternal discipline and salutary lessons. Our princess botties are chubby, fairy-soft and very tender - vulnerable and perfect for strict CP on bare skin from our hubbies (and unfortunately from our parents in days of yore. Oh my !!)

When you grow up and be sensible. You will realise that a stinging backside is part of your upbringing ! Sure licked me into shape Veronica. In truth I deserved that harsh but fair medicine ! And we are now never too old for spankings.

I say that as a strict mom in my late fifties, who like a many a Southern girl of my age, gotten good bare-ass whippings in my childhood in the 1960s. When we were naughty my sister and I gotten to feel the dreaded sting of a flexible switch (a rattan cane) on the bare skin of our bottoms !! That was the punishment if mom said "your backsides need a switching" ....the "hornets nest" gotten dropped by our mom on that very same lily-white, sensitive skin, Nature and God blessed us with on our bottoms !! Justice gotten served.

Veronica, check out lovely, stern mom Miss Anna on Momma Spankings. New video "spanked after church". Interesting fact - Miss Anna actually gotten her bare backside spanked with a slipper by her mother when she was growing up back in the day.

Also the scary, strict mom Miss Elizabeth spanks daughter Cassy, "foul mouth punishment". Daughter has good tan lines and the loud smack of the bath brush on her palest, tender botty is so swell ! Very realistic scenarios already. Love strict moms Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

After your loving over-the-knee bare bottom hand spanking, your darling blushing poor tender bare bottom absolutely needs some loving caresses to feel better; after all, a naughty devil's duties are never done! ND =;)