Monday, October 9, 2017

Shut up and just....

                                                                SPANK ME!

                                      SPANK ME!!

                                                SPANK ME!!!


Mike Pahula said...

NO No No NO wont spank you why cause you might enjoy it too much if spank you love your outfit

would ask you take me over lap spank me while wear this outfit would try not enjoy you spanking me too much as well

Anonymous said...

On my way!


Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

Botties on show young lady - you're gonna get a switching.
Oh my, you look so cute and gorgeous Veronica...But

Your backside needs a good spanking Veronica ! "I'll tan your hide". Does that sound scary ? It sure did to me when my mommy used to say that back at home in the 1960s. It was conventional wisdom that a stinging bottom right now, sure stopped you getting into trouble when you are grown up veronica. Oh my ! Gulp !

Naughty lil' Veronica is standing with her hands on her pretty lil' head. Crying already. Boo-Hoo ! Mommy ignores her protests. A strict, loving mommy-approved job needs doing !
Sadly...a lil' pair of cotton-soft, cotton-white panties flutters down to meet Veronica's lil' cotton-soft, cotton-white ankle socks. Oh nooooo !

She is bent over the bed, bottom facing out, and her cutey, lil' denim blue, Daisy Dukes, princess skirt is raised to expose her lil' chubby, cotton-soft, cotton-white botty- which is sure gonna feel the "hornets nest" from mother's wrath ! Boo-Hoo :-(

Mommy lets the flexible, rattan switch flick and dance across the sensitive, fairest-pale, velvety skin of her naughty backside until it turns a shade of ripe tomato. There is no need to rush mom ! This is kind, stern discipline administered upon "the special place provided by God and Nature" for maternal salutary guidance !

The windows are open in all of Texas, and the swish-thwack-thwippy-thwip-thwip sound of mommy's trusty, lil' cane on a tender, bare hiney and Veronica's lil' princess wailing Oucheees are heard by the neighbors. They sure approve of ol' fashioned family values.
They smile as domestic justice gotten served once again on the naughty lil' brat next door.
That's how I gotten whooped as a lil' girl Veronica - why should things be different for you ? CP not PC young lady :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Veronica you don t have to ask twice young lady there is a queue forming ,best spanks from Tim x hello Brenda too .

Tim . said...

There is quite a queue young lady ,best spanks , Tim x