Thursday, October 26, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "A Good Paddling"

Someone's in trouble!!!


Mike Pahula said...

Lovely well spanked booty butt you have I admit in love with your butt I love see it in person I know when I see your butt in person will know you get spanked a lot and wonder when last time gotten a spanking I am sure few time I been in Austin I feel you had gotten a spanking when there or before etc. still love trip over your lap as you give me a long hard otk spanking paddling I know you own me few of those paddling spanking already hope get them or one soon

Anonymous said...

Bare, soft botty gotten burnt ! Bad style...lil' bratty-damsel gotten her comeuppance

Oh my, Oh my, just look at your lovely botty Veronica :-) Plumply swelling in your cutey shorts (photo 1) all snuggy and cosy. But sadly very naughty and vulnerable ... and waiting for a good, bare-ass whoopin from daddy. Boo-Hoo ! :-(

And then your soft bum all red and sore (last photo) as you are doing the stingy-brushy-botty-dance, before being sent to your room as a well-punished lil' princess. I so approve !

Don't spare the bare - Sadly, a naughty lil' girl has to have her cute lil' conservative shorts puled down to her knees, followed by a lil' pair of cotton panties. "Tan your hide" means bare botties for the "hairbrush of correction" - and a familiar fate for naughty daughters in strict, loving households. As I know all to well. Justice has always gotten served on naughty lassie's lily-white, bare-skinned backsides. And always will be !

Wonderful art Veronica. That first photo sure sets the somber, scary and formal punishment scene that we well-spanked daughters and wives gotten used to over the decades ha-ha! Our bare, sensitive princess botties are never to old for a good ol' fashioned, paternal whipping with the hairbrush !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx