Thursday, October 12, 2017

Super Thursday Present's: "Scolded and Spanked"

Tony instructs me to sit down as he begins to scold me for my naughty behavior. The scolding is never derogatory or abusive but more of a firm lecture prior to my punishment. :(

"Why am I in trouble now?"

I always pretend to be remorseful. :(

Tony in for a sneak attack with weapon in hand!

I try to struggle but he overpowers me. 

... and the spanking begins. :(

Shorts down to reveal my lacy panties. :)

Panties down to reveal my tender bare bottom. :(

I can feel the warmth on my tender bottom.

I gingerly pull my panties up...

I then compose myself and go about my day.... OUCH!


The Glenmore said...

Love the bottom rubbing at the end. Very cute Veronica.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a wonderful sequence Veronica. Wonderful ! :-)

Just look at you in those cutey lil' conservative, sensible, beige, cotton shorts Veronica - such the naughty lil' daughter next door ! And just made to be pulled down, along with panties for stern, paternal smackabotties on the tender bare.

And look at your lovely, chubby, fairy-soft bum. The hornets nest has sure landed and you are trying to rub it away already. And trying to carefully pull-up your panties and shorts back-up over your stingy red waggon. I bet you gotten to do the unbearable, stingy-botty, spanky-dance real good Veronica ?

You gotten properly punished Veronica :-) And I remember when I gotten a switching from mom (1960s) that having my 1950s white cotton panties and shorts pulled back up (over scarlet skin !!) was as important as having them pulled down at the get-go (to expose my pale, sensitive-skinned botty for CP with the rattan switch !) Pulling clothes back-up over a blazing, red bottom briefly adds formality and closure to your punishment Veronica. A formal process is humbling and makes you feel the naughty lil' girl, crying and blubbing, that you sure are.

And then yes, strict, loving hugs and as you say, "then compose myself and go about my day". My hubby would sure agree with you Veronica. And when I was growing up, my mommy used to send me and my sister to our rooms. Nothing wrong with a grounding ...after a good, bare-ass tanning Veronica. But not instead of !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Veronica you received best spanks from Tony for naughtiness , hello Brenda from Tim x