Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Veronica's Potpourri..

So that's what turned over a knee looks like!


Scott Starr said...

Hello Young Lady/Ms. Veronica!

The Mexican Comic is great. Where did you find it? On another topic, I always have felt many of my favorite spankings involve the spankee having their hands flat on the floor, it conveys true submissiveness, and seems to always lift the bottom up, making it more enticing. Maybe you could incorporate that more often in your shoots? Keep up the great work!
Scott S.

Tim . said...

Mexican was it? i wasn t sure .

Anonymous said...

You never forget those lessons Veronica - even after decades ! oh my, stingy, sore botties
Across the knee is your favorite place Veronica !? :-)

And it sure is a rite of passage for naughty lil' Texas daughters. Oh my !
A father's belt, hickory stick or paddle across a bare backside was normal for girls in our Church group back in 1960s Georgia, Veronica. We lil' Southern belles used to compare notes on our spankings at home -comparing implements, processes etc. It was a compelling if scary subject to discuss at our meet ups and moms coffee mornings!

Moreover, our strict, home-maker mommies (with religious values) also used to chat about spankings, among themselves already, and between their daughters too. There was always a tension and frisson on the subject of smacked botties !! Oh my ! Stern moms talking about real estate in the 1960s suburbs of Atlanta was not nearly so interesting Veronica ha-ha !

My hubby makes me experience the nostalgia of being across father's knee in the early 1960s, strongly secured, with a complete lack of protective coverings on my botty (aka panties or any clothes) feeling the nasty sting of the hairbrush on the cotton-soft, cotton-white, tender princess skin of my pudgy behind. Oucheeees :-(

But dad was away a lot in my childhood. Mother was far stricter and was the bottom smacker in Chief in our house. Later, when I was a tender (bottomed !) girl aged 8, mom bought a rattan switch. Which when two lil' daughters gotten naughty, and two pairs of blue cotton shorts and two pairs of white cotton panties came down to knees, was real bad news for the skin on our botties Veronica. Real bad news ! :-(

Under "the rod" the sensitive skin on our backsides (between on our tan lines) went from alabaster white to tomato red. We sure screamed - but it was normal, harmless corporal punishment from a strict, kind mom.
Veronica, our lives are about CP not PC. Spare the rod spoil the child !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx