Sunday, November 26, 2017

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Pink sleep-shirt, pink socks, pink bottom.. can't say I'm not color coordinated. xoxo


The Glenmore said...

Red would be better Veronica!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you do look worried Veronica. And that teeny-weeny hint of bare white botty sure tells us why ! The naughty lil' girl next door gotten her bare behind whooped for the benefit of her attitude and behavior !

I sooooo love that picture of you on the bed Veronica. Oh My ! One of my favorites of you ever !
Waiting for daddy ? Yes, you sure are the naughty lil' Southern daughter gonna get a red-ass-bare-botty whipping from Papa's belt...or momma's nasty, lil', green switch already. She's picking it now young lady. Ouchieeees. Boo-Hoos aplenty ! :-(
Strict Mommy Brenda xx