Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Voted most spankable bottom and loves it. :)

"Honey... I broke the shower again."

"You think daddy is really going to spank us?"

Waiting for boyfriends to enter the room
but their fathers unexpectedly showed up instead. :(

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Top picture she does have a very beautiful spankable bottom. My girlfriend has been naked on a secluded beach, her bottom is very spankable, I gave her a playful spank and she said with a smile is that the best you can do. She looked really cute running to the beach house, very red bottom on display. In the beach house she was rubbing , to the bedroom I said, she said Yes Daddy and what a late morning it was.

Anonymous said...

Photo one - the "seat of learning" meets the "rod of correction"
Oh my, that lovely, soft, fair skinned botty sure reminds me of my religious, strict mother first telling me in the early 1960s, that my bottom had been designed by God and Nature for strict, loving punishment (in it's bare, unprotected state !!) when I gotten naughty. It was a common and traditional message.

Naturally Veronica, I also recall that similar, sober moment when I had to explain the same message to my daughters when they gotten naughty in the 1980s ! Yes, there were tears of course, but it's simply a loving mother's duty. CP not PC !

I sure hope girl number one heard the same thing from her mom too already back in the day. And gotten that fairest, tender, bare backside of hers switched a good'un when she misbehaved !!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

The cute girls botties are high in the air for their spanks.