Monday, November 13, 2017

I need a sound spanking and I need one RIGHT NOW!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

On my way ;)

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

Gonna get a switching !!!
Naughty daughter Veronica is getting her bottom smacked. Her mother, Brenda is fetching the lil' cane already. Veronica and her mommy went to the store but when mommy wasn't looking, naughty lil' Veronica stole some jewelry !!! Mom gotten real mad furious and said your backside needs switching young lady. When they gotten home Veronica's panties came tumbling down for mommy's punishment. Poor Veronica's bare, tender botty - she sure gonna do the switchy-dance ! Just like her mommy Brenda did in the 1960s when she gotten whipped by her own mother !

Oh my, your soft, delicious bum, silky smooth legs and lush, velvety thighs drive my hubby wild naughty lil' thing. How dare you !! ;-)

Veronica, check out and a post this week, Nov 11, with a naughty lil' daughter getting her bare bottom caned by father. One for my memoirs - that was yours truly growing up in good Ol' 1960s Georgia. Oh my !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

tomjasblog said...

NG Veronica is lying on the bed. SpankoTom walks to the bed, sits down. Forcibly he pulls NGV OTK. "Nooo, please SpankoTom," NGV pleads;
"Do not please me Veronica, you have been a very naughty girl and your bottom is going to burn." SpankoTom unclasps his belt, pulls it out of the trouser-loops,
doubles the belt and proceeds to THRASH NGV's pale cheeks. - "Oh!" THRASH THRASH THRASH "Oooooh!!! SpankoTom,"
"Oooooooooooooooooh SpankoooTooooooooooom please...harder." Red stripes adorn NGV's buttocks. "Sure SpankoNGV,"
SpankoTom's arm flails up-and-down THRASH THRASH THRASH THRASH "Ooooooooooooooh!!!" SpankoTom's belt falls mercilessly hard across NGV's deeply-shaded cheeks.
"There NG, that was your spanking.
"Thank you SpankoTom."