Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sorry daddy :(

Okay, I was suppose to be doing my homework but instead you caught me reading a spanking magazine... "sorry daddy I'll do my homework now and not read this naughty magazine!" :(


Dai Preston said...

Yes. I had that one stuffed under my mattress when I was in High School.

Anonymous said...

"Your bare backside needs a switching Veronica"
Oh my, you look gorgeous girl. Look at your lush, velvety smooth legs Veronica.
Let me remind you Veronica, that as a strictly raised Southern belle in the 1960s, and then as a loving, strict mom (raising two daughters) in the 1980s/90s; that the cane has been kept in my cupboard for decades already !!!

I gotten a lot of CP from my mother and I never forgot the process. My (now grown up) daughters could sure tell you the routine Veronica !!!

Hands on head Veronica, panties to knees (down to your white socks), bend over the sofa, a good bare botty whooping, then hands on head again, panties pulled up, skirt smartened down...then the switchy-dance. And for sure there are loud cries, constant squawking and Boo-Hoos throughout. That is what a spanking involves !! Then I am sending you to your room for a grounding Veronica. That is a post-CP grounding Veronica...not a PC grounding !

The sofa in the living room is where mommy-approved sentences gotten carried out Veronica. Where justice gotten served. Tough love for you too young lady !
Strict Mom Brenda xx