Thursday, November 9, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Never Tease Tony"

Here I am lying in bed flashing poor hubby with my silky legs getting the poor darling very, very horny. He walks over to me and begins to cuddle but I just brush him off. I sit and pout, no sex for hubby tonight, no cuddling or gestures of affection... why you may ask? Did he do something wrong? Nope, I just love teasing him... LOL! So across his lap I go for a quick spanking to get me back on track but the rest is too X-rated for a spanking blog.:)



Tim . said...

Veronica ,Tony is a lucky chap ,best spanks from Tim x hello Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Smackabotties ! Nighty up, panties down.
Oh my you look so lush and gorgeous young lady. My hubby sure loves your silky legs, velvety thighs and soft peachy ass Veronica ! You look such a delicious temptress already !

My hubby goes all weak at the knees Veronica, but as a strict mommy, I'm just gonna do my time-honored, strict mother's duty and smack your bare, fairy-soft botty with my hairbrush until it matches the color of your sexy nighty. I will let my designer hairbrush -"mom's best friend" - do the talking on your tender seat of learning. Loud and clear young lady ! You will sure get the message ! Then it's time for bed my girl and I will give you a hug and close the curtains.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx