Monday, December 25, 2017

"A Christmas Spanking"

I woke up bright and early this morning like a little girl eager to open up her Christmas gifts but unfortunately "the Grinch" I mean my husband, put a quick damper on things. "Not so fast" he shouted! "Santa told me that before you open any presents I'm to turn you across my lap and spank your bottom. You have been very naughty this year and need a good sound spanking!" "Yes sir" I replied with a pout. "I'll take my spanking but I hope I got lots of presents waiting for me under the tree when we are done." I began to smile as I got across Tony's lap. The spanking itself was a really long one but it felt so nice over my pajama clad bottom. I was wearing my red onsies because I knew they would be perfect for Christmas morning and I love the large butt flap. Soon the butt flap was opened and my bare bottom (bear bottom) was exposed. This particular spanking really got me extremely wet but no sex until I open my presents...-:) Merry Christmas to you all from Tony and I... love you guys and gals. XoXo

Yaaay.. It's Christmas morning and I get to open up my presents. :)

Santa has a score to settle... meanie!!

Over I go.... :)

Watching myself get a spanking only ads to the turn-on.

I got a bit of a wedgie but the friction feels real good.. xo

Oh no! He's unbuttoning my butt flap.. 

"Tell Santa I learned my lesson!"

I'm becoming very wet, hope Santa doesn't find out. :)

Okay, spanking time is over.. now presents. :)

Inspecting the damage...

Now I'll have to open up my presents with a sore bottom. :(

I love being a naughty brat... Merry Christmas.. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Naughty Lil' Girl Next Door gotten a traditional bare unwrapped for Christmas !

She wanted presents already...but gotten a good smacked botty. Just what she needed. A proper bear bottom on show !

Sooooo cute for Christmas Veronica. Love the drop seat jammies - sooooooo strict for traditional, Ol' fashioned festive discipline. Proper CP unwrapped for a naughty lil' missy. A bare, fairy-soft, princess botty gotten roasted. No PC among the presents in this house eh young lady ?!

Merry Christmas Veronica and Tony
Merry Christmas Everybody
Happy Spankmass yall ! :-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

Spanks before your presents V. Happy Christmas from Tim to you and Brenda .

Tim . said...

When we go to Cutiepie s blog it s not the right one

Anonymous said...

Oh my, it was sooo lush. Just look at your botty pouting and swelling in that cutey bear bottom onesy throughout this series, young lady !

And just look at you rubbing your red, sore, fairy-soft botty in those last few scenes Veronica - the naughty wife and daughter next door gotten her Festive desserts :-)

I also love the glimpse of fairest, lily-white, sensitive, velvet skin poking out of your bear bottom drop seat on your right bum cheek Veronica. It sure gives a temping prelude to the "about to be exposed and spanked area"....the Christmas seat of learning. Strict but so tempting just before you gotten your botty appropriately bared in full for a spanking, Veronica.

And how wonderful it was on the Big Day !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

smuccatelli said...

Adorable. Onesies or "trap door" pajamas aren't really all that practical for spankings but the psychological effects of being in a childish, juvenile outfit for your spanking provides a compelling image of a "naughty girl" spanking. Not to mention the butt-rubbing and pouting afterwards... ;-)