Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Girls having some fun... :)


Anonymous said...

Spankmass time is here soon Veronica !
Love these scenes - rosy Christmas bottoms.

Oh my, look at the new trailer for Scene 6 Strictmoor Academy Year 2 on Momma Spankings right now Veronica. Oh my, that super scary Mrs Cooper (Tahsa Lee) is spanking her two daughters. Just see all the hands on heads, panties pulled down and big, whiter-than white wibbly-wobbly, quivering botties gotten soundly whipped with the hairbrush. And sent to bed early. Stinging terribly for sure. Boo- Hoo !

Tasha Lee is actually spanking her real-life daughter, Angel Lee (and also Maddy Marks) which sure adds an interesting frisson Veronica. So scary and realistic already. Mrs Tahsa Lee Cooper is so like my mother back in my 1960s childhood :-( with her religious-style formality and stern family-values type manner. Oh my !....freaky scary memories already. She sure is a great loving no-nonsense mom in this scene alrady !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

The cute girl spanks her friend in the snow ,best spanks Tim x hello Brenda