Tuesday, December 19, 2017

She's checking it twice!!!


Dai Preston said...

Interesting! Would love to see more of these shots. :)

Mike Pahula said...

Then you will give naughty boys their bare butt present be a good old fashion spanking for naughty ways

You will find my name on naughty list for sure 1 hour over your lap from semis santa Veronica spanking I be well change man beetred butt your present be looking at all well deep red spanked butt in corner

Anonymous said...

And pray, what about the naughty girl list Veronica ?

Listen here young lady, you are the number one naughty girl around here already ! With all your high-maintenance demands and attitude. Asking for treats. chocolate and sparkely things !

You have been sentenced by Santa and mommy to have yourself a bare botty self-spanking with that hairbrush. Oh yes for sure my girl. Right here, right now, In front of all your readers missy ! Now lift your festive red dress and pull down your cutey Christmas panties and start whuppin' from the get go ! And when your lily-white botty is as rosy red as your Christmas dress you may stop for a while young lady !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx