Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Veronica's Potpourri..

That moment when he turns you over his knee.


Anonymous said...

Glorious Veronica. Glorious :-)

Veronica, do you ever like standing as a naughty girl, with your hands on your head, having your white shorts pulled down to knees. Followed by your cotton panties ?

Or having both your shorts and panties pulled down together in one big tug already...GULP ! (a strict mommas and papas favorite when they gotten real mad !) Oh Noooooo !

As a Southern 1960s-raised princess-belle and mom, I have generally experienced the hands on head, brief scolding and panties pulled down to knees process in the crucial baring ritual. Sooooo scary for naughty lil' princesses (like you Veronica !), but domestic, mommy-approved justice sure gotten served in the appropriate "bees on the botty" manner !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

jimc said...

I always enjoy pictures of going over the knee as part of the spanking experience. Love the expressions and the wording of this themed picture. Thanks for sharing all that you do and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Telling her to bend over and staring at her face losing confidence that all would be ok-Always my favorite moment with my spankee.

2nd favorite is pulling her panties down. Resting hand on bare while scolding her, of course.

3rd favorite is sending her to stand in the corner, bare bottomed, directly in view of me.

4th favorite was walking over to the corner to insure her nose was truly touching the wall.