Tuesday, January 2, 2018

For all you naughty boys...


Anonymous said...

Rather fabulous already Veronica. Sure is me and hubby ha-ha :-)
Yes, the lil' spanky-switchy-cane on bare, sensitive-skinned bottoms has been a mainstay of my life Veronica. Oh my !!
Thwip-Thwack-Smack !

In my late fifties now, I've sure received it and given it as a daughter, wife and strict, loving mom !
On balance, Oh my ! I have received it more, thanks to my strict 1960s Southern upbringing !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Princess Kali is in this picture spanking a naughty boy she retired now but go around giving public speaking and demo etc

she former domintrix discipliarn she told me i should of had session before she retired cause now she is she will not accept any session or spank anyone so my wish of bein over her lap for spanking is long gone

but i still can get my wish to be over your knee for good spanking right ms veronica say right mike got fetch me my hairbrush

Princess Kali alway one of most awesome friendliest young lady as well but i seen she knew how give out a spanking