Tuesday, January 23, 2018

For all you naughty boys...


Mike Pahula said...

i for sure would strip for her then bend over for my paddling spanking by her iam sure she will mean business with big thick paddle

heck if you or any female came to me holing paddle yet strip would have fear on face tears in eyes say yes mam then bend over or wait until order to bend over or get over lap for spanking hard with paddle or maybe bend over holding ankley

Anonymous said...

I'll send my hubby over already, Veronica. He's in no delay !! :-)

Naturally, I would like to see this kitten give you a sound bare bum paddling Veronica - you have the greatest ass in the land and need constant discipline to keep you on track. :-)

Personally, despite loving all things spanking, I'm no real fan of the paddle Veronica. As you know, I was raised with the smack of the rattan switch across my bare backside in the 1960s and since meeting my hubby in the 1980s, I also love the strap (Oh my ! stingy leather) and the nasty, hard-soled, flexible slipper (like a flip-flop/beach sandal already)

And so yes, naturally the rattan cane will always be associated with my very strict - but also very normal - Southern childhood (plus the odd wooden spoon/hairbrush) and also with being a strict, loving 1980s mom to my own two wonderfuldaughters.

Being in my late 50s already, I sure do remember all the various paddles in the stores throughout he 1960s, with their cute scary scriptures - "cute little deer/bear behind" , "Board of Education", "spare the rod etc", but my mother did not care for the paddle and I never gotten spanked by it - it was only the whippy, thin rattan cane (Gulp !) that lived in the cupboard for my chubby, lil' bare bum and my younger sister's bare bum ! :-(
Strict Mom Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Such a fun date!!! Hope she gives a good long hard over-the-knee bare bottom spanking with her hand, strap and paddle too! ND =;)