Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Veronica ,4 cute girls botties high for big Spanks perhaps from Brenda ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Where have all the tan lines gone Veronica ?

Nice, fairest-skinned hinies Veronica but I gotten to love my own tan lines (common in the South when I was growing up) for ever !

I gotten a strict, religious childhood starting in the late 1950s, and tan lines and parental spankings went alongside Church, outdoor sports and Bible classes as part of traditional family life and values. Outdoors in the Georgia sun, wearing our conservative shorts, and those large, conservative swim suit bikini bottoms (my parents did not use the term bikini !) made me and my lil' sister and all our princess friends as typical Coppertone Girls....with deep, golden-brown sun tans and the whitest of alabaster-white botties concealed underneath our Ol' fashioned swimsuits already. Oh my !

Veronica, our softy, pudgy, lil' dimpled bums (ultra-cotton-white in color and cotton-soft texture ) gotten all bare on two domestic situations many, many times - both for bath times and for spanking times. Gulp ! That was a scary but cute phrase and rule that my mother used for we daughters in our earliest years to remind us that corporal punishment was always a threat !

Sister and I used to laugh at both our dark, brown suntanned bodies and the contrasting, sensitive, dazzling white skin on our soft, chubby botties when we gotten a bath together (with mother in charge and overseeing our behavior and timely Veronica. We gotten restricted freedoms but enjoyed happy times !)

...and so when my lil' sister gotten naughty and spanked, I was fascinated when my mother told her to put her hands on her head and then pulled down her traditional, soft, 1950s white cotton panties to her knees in preparation, because my sister's sun tan lines were so clearly defined already and the tender skin on her botty was so bright, perfect white, it actually looked like my sister had gotten another pair of those cotton panties on underneath ha-ha !!

Sadly she did not, it was vulnerable, bare skin already, and so the unblemished, cotton-white surface of her chubby, bare backside soon turned a rapid scarlet as "the rod of correction" (the cane or the wooden spoon ) gotten thoroughly applied. That was the punishment Veronica.

I always felt since a child that our stark, defined sun tan lines and our fairest, lily-white bottoms (completely bare, with panties pulled down) underlined the whole essence and culture of domestic corporal punishment in our house Veronica. I feel that sentiment as strong as ever I was back in the 1960s already !

Today I have restored my own snow-white bum to its former (1960s) princess glory. Ha-Ha ! I have been careful to only wear vintage 1950s/60s swim suit bottoms which cover a large surface area (ha-ha) from the sun's rays ! My hubby likes my alabaster-white, chubby ass because it reddens more theatrically against his strap ! And I love my big, white botty, because it reminds me of getting a whipping with the switch , bare-white- bottomed, across my stern but caring mother's knee as a child in the 1960s !!

Tan lines and bare bottom whoopings so go together in my strict, childhood Southern culture, Veronica. Don't you think ?
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx