Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Spankable

Belinda is walking home from school with a note from her teacher and
we all know what's waiting for her when she gets home!

A couple of party girls at college failing miserably.. dads attention required ASAP!

"I'm ready for my bedtime spanking now.. " :)

"Daddy told me to pick a switch, he's so old-fashioned." :(

"Hopefully he won't find me hiding under the covers." 

Smile and have a spanktastic weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Naughty daughter Belinda fetches the whippy, lil' cane and hands it to her mom (photo 1)...hands on head, white cotton panties to knees , grey skirt flipped up, bending over the sofa. Oh my ! what a nasty, stingy, whipped-red botty for sure and I sure gotten to know this dreaded routine growing up in 1960s Georgia. Par for the course :-(

And yes, "gonna get a switching young lady"...this cutey lil' blondie-missy (photo 4) is like one of my many princess friends of yore, who gotten to pick a switch for a good, Southern whooping when they were naughty. Nostalgic already !

It was a normal, common fate for my peers (in our Church community) back in the Ol' fashioned suburbs. My religious mom preferred to keep a permanent, flexible rattan switch in the cupboard already for sister and me. Same principle already: shorts and panties down to knees, botties bare. Oh my ! Harsh but fair Southern domestic justice gotten served Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

The cute girls will receive sound spanks from parents ,best spanks , Tim x hello Brenda.

Anonymous said...

Little darling Belinda's teasing miniskirt will be promptly flipped up the instant she gets home and bent over her waiting naughty devil's knee, then the progression of the rest of these cute dollies will be summons to have their turn over-the-knee too. Such a happy life and busy days for some lucky naughty devils spanking their pretty darlings and forgiving them with loving cuddling afterward too. Happy Spanking Dreams, ND =;)