Monday, January 15, 2018

Just us girls having some fun..:)


Mike Pahula said...

Look like Super Girl is giving out Spankings to bad girl she has capture and giving out well desver punishment as well teach lesson wonder if spankee is learning lesson

if i came across this i would stand and watch for awhile take pic or video then
walk over to girl in super man shirt ask her if she would spank me same way i
been bad naughty boy ask for my spanking from her

Anonymous said...

Introducing "Smack Ass, the Super Mommy"...a kind, retro-super-hero-mom mom saving the world from impossible, lil' princess brats running amok !

Veronica, meet Smack Ass....not Kick Ass :-)

She wins the popular vote and is the brand new, all-American Super Mommy who saves the day. In a world of PC, our super-hero Smack Ass, rescues hard-working exasperated moms from their terrible, feisty, lil' princess brats.

She provides an honorable, traditional, mommy-approved service of old and takes these bad lil' missies to a quite corner in the park, or mall. She then hoists their dresses, pulls down their cotton-white panties and gives their fairest, sensitive-skinned bottoms the mother of all traditional, over-the-knee, bare-botty-red-ass whippings in Southern style. Job done !

Alfresco CP....minus naughty lil' madam's shorts and panties, fairy-soft, bare, alabaster-white botties gotten smacked to watermelon red by Super Mom Smack Ass. At your service, ready at the double, Veronica ! :-)

And oh my ! Exactly like the strict, loving 1950s mothers used to do to my princess peers when I was growing up in Georgia in the early 1960s. Oh my, that was a familiar life in the parks of Atlanta back then already. CP not PC !
Naughty Lil' Retro- 1960s Brenda xx