Monday, February 26, 2018

Before the internet there was...


Anonymous said...

Yes Veronica we had a few in U.K. such as Janus , Roue ,Kane and Swish and a few more ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! All of our memories of looking at spanking magazines in store in the 1970s/80s eh ?

Veronica, the freedom I gotten at College in the 1970s was a real shock. A nice shock ! Freedom to meet boys :-) and a freedom (escape !) from a very strict, traditional, controlled, Church-going childhood in Georgia. And freedom not to have my chubby, bare, white bottom whipped by my mother with a flexible rattan switch !! Sure was freedom Veronica.

I so loved discovering these pioneering magazines in the stores. And then into the early 1980s when videos appeared and I started work at a big corporation. I gotten obsessed with Nu West (we all did !) and especially Debbie and her mother which realistically re-enacted the CP I gotten from my own mom !

Oh my ! Love the super-hero mommy in photo 1, Veronica. "Enough already" she says in exasperation. The lil' princess-brat has been misbehaving all week and this tantrum is the final straw, Veronica ! The bratty daughter ends up receiving the traditional, Ol' fashioned mommy-approved sentence and "special skin treatment" on her bare botty. It sure is the only way Veronica, as I know so well !

Veronica, check out two tempting targets: two very naughty lil' girls, in possession of two quivering-soft, alabaster- white botties that gotten strict, mommy-approved justice for misbehavior on this week - "Spanked and spanked again".

Alex Reynolds, in her cute, conservative pig tails and 1950s dresses gotten her famous, biggest-trembling, fairy-soft, whiter-than-white backside well-reddened by her angry mommy, Miss Elizabeth. Oh my ! What a wonderful scene it is. Alex is such a naughty lil' girl next door and is suitably admonished with the hairbrush on a sensitive, pale, bare ...and suitably reddening surface !!

And then, her naughty lil' princess-friend, Harley Havik, whose chubby, cotton-white, cotton-soft, wibble-wobble botty was the superb, Oscar-winning, "seat of learning" star of Strictmoor Academy Years 1 and 2 also gotten a whuppin' with the hairbrush. Mommy Miss Elizabeth's scolding is wonderfully realistic and stern and sure brings back memories of my childhood Veronica. How cute and fab is this trailer !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx