Sunday, February 4, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday...

Nothing beats a cheerleader getting spanked on Super Bowl Sunday.. :)

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Anonymous said...

Super Bowl Sunday - enjoy the big game, Veronica and Tony. And y'all :-)

Yes Veronica, all these constant, lovely, domestic traditions (Southern traditions for me) from early 1960s childhood to right here, right now !

Cheerleading, outdoor sports and life in the sun, Daisy Dukes shorts, princess-brat tan lines and soft, chubby, alabaster-white botties (visible only at bath times and spanking times. Gulp !), Church on a Sunday, Bible classes....and good, sound bare- ass whoopings. Just normal aspects of a cute life Veronica. Oh my ! Glorious already :-)

Have fun !

Naughty Lil' Strict Mommy Brenda xx