Sunday, February 18, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Spanked in front of the neighbors...:)


Anonymous said...

Red Botty Walking ! Naughty Lil' Veronica misbehaves at Church again...

The good, pious people of the community are aghast once more as that infamous lil'-princess-brat, Veronica, throws another foul-mouthed tantrum in the Congregation.

They are rest-assured that this impossible il' missy has the softest-white, tender-skinned backside in Texas...and the firmest, strictest Papi in town. He has the hardest hand already and we all know the good news...(thankfully).. that when Veronica-brat is real naughty....then the panties always gotta come down for a spanking !

Close neighbors usually hear the blubbing and wailing, and the regular, countless smacks landing on Veronica's sensitive-skinned, bare, alabaster-white botty. Buy Tony is real mad....and so the spanking gotten done outside in the open.

Oh my ! For all to see. Justice gotten served again on a Sunday. And yes, how we saw her do the special Southern spanky-rubby-switchy-dance in public :-)

Oh my ! Spring is here, Veronica :-)
Veronica, as a strict older CP mom, not a PC mom....I so approve already.
Outdoor bare bottom spankings in the South...part of long-standing, traditional life, young lady ! Oh my, the memories :-)

Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your drawers got dropped on the back porch... AGAIN?!?

How emBAREASSing. : )