Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"I told you not to flirt with my boyfriend!!!"


Anonymous said...

Never too old to flirt Veronica...and never too old to get spanked ! ;-)

Veronica, check out the wonderful new preview of that lovely, strict mommy, Miss Anna on www.northernspanking.com

In "Liars get the slipper", super-hero mom, Miss Anna gives a big, bouncing, chubby, fairest-lily-white botty, belonging to naughty daughter, Alex Reynolds a good tanning with the slipper. The serious, conservative social mores, family values and strict CP context in this preview is familiar to me, being a strictly raised 1950s born Southern girl !

Alex's big, soft, velvety-pale botty is always an irresistible target, Veronica. And Miss Anna gotten to give some truly memorable, fantastic performances as a kind, stern, Ol' fashioned momma in wwww.StrictmoorAcademy.com......which should win all the Oscars in my humble opinion !!

Oh my ! Our lovely Miss Anna, herself, gotten her own bare botty whooped with a slipper growing up (by her own mother) and so she sure knows how to administer CP to naughty lil' princess-brats like Harley Havik, Linny Lace, Bianca Rose and Sarah Gregory in Strictmoor Academy. Oh my !!

I would sure love to see kind, caring mom, Miss Anna, tan your fairy-sensitive bare bottom Veronica. You sure need it !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Naughty devil boyfriend will shamelessly flirt back in front of the both girlfriends and hope both darlings will get jealous and take him over both their silky sensuous knees to see who gives the best spanking!!! Of course naughty devil will be undecided and need further spankings over their silky knees to be sure!!! Muwhahahaha!!!! ND =;)