Monday, February 5, 2018

Rubbing my tender bare bottom... :(


Anonymous said...

What happens to naughty cheerleaders ?

Veronica, I would sure love to see you get spanked as a naughty, sporty, lil' daughter on

Some good ol' traditional mommies and daddies on this site already.

Check out new trailer today: "Mackenzie Learns Her Lesson".
Oh my ! Cringing formal scolding from mommy and daddy and then naughty daughter Mackenzie gotten Mommy's (kind, but stern Miss Elizabeth) designer, walnut, oval hairbrush hard across her super-whiter-than-white, chubby-soft unprotected botty, over mom's knee. Quite right too !

Mackenzie's large, snuggy, voluminous, canary yellow, 1950s, cotton panties did not misbehave Veronica (all mothers know that !!)
Just look at that lovely, alabaster-white hiney tremble and wobble with the nasty sting, Veronica. You know the score already !
And a bare-ass strapping from daddy to follow. Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom, Veronica.

And familiar, traditional, whooped-princess acoustics are duly provided by naughty Mackenzie already. Oh my ! It's wonderful to see. A big, soft botty gotten red here Veronica !

These lovely, formal, serious and realistic domestic scenes sure take me way back to my strict childhood in 1960s Georgia. Your fairest-pale-lily-white, bare bottom is next in line for Miss Elizabeth Veronica, young lady ?!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Dave said...

That photo has my spanko senses tingling...thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. Love your blog.

Keep it cherry red,

OldFashionGirl said...

@Dave... thank you sir. xoxo