Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies x 2 :)

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Anonymous said...

No fairest-skinned, sensitive botties gotten harmed in the raising of these lil' brats Veronica. But they sure gotten smacked and burnt scarlet already !

Sunday Funnies - Oh my ! Veronica, the real, fab, super-hero here is the kind, traditional Mrs Elsie Collingwood: administering strict, Ol' fashioned, loving mommy-approved justice to naughty lil' brats. What a caring, domestic superstar Mrs Collingwood is already ?!
A lady after my own heart Veronica.

Gemma is certainly not a super-hero. She is just a naughty lil' bad girl who gotten her bare botty smacked a good'un at home Veronica ! Thunder Girl is more Smack Ass, than Kick Ass ! :-) Love that picture of her over Elise's knee - slipper to the tender, bare, white botty !!

And also...the animation (cartoon 3) is sooooo amazingly cute and lovely Veronica. Oh my !! A kind, traditional Japanese mommy is doing her duty of care and guidance. I love and recognize the very strict, very conservative, formal tone of this scene (like my house back in Georgia in the 1960s. Oh my !!). Poor mommy is really cross already !

I love the naughty daughter's expressions, and hand movements and that Oh so cute and familiar arm flung back to protect her bare, tender-skinned botty ...which gotten the well-deserved, "swarm of bees" treatment from mommy. That plump, fairy-soft, princess hiney is sure going from alabaster-white to water melon red in traditional fashion, Veronica !

Bare bottom spankings over the maternal knee are very sober, grave and serious moments Veronica (as I sure remember from my childhood. Oucheees !) and this Japanese animation captures them realistically and wonderfully. Thank you Veronica !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx