Thursday, February 1, 2018

Super Thursday Presents: "Putting On My Big Girl Panties"

                     Ever have that day when everything is just going down hill and you just can't cope? Well today is that day for yours truly. As soon as I woke up Tony gave me some very bad news. Our cruise to Aruba is canceled due to bad weather. To make things worst, we can't reschedule because we won't be able to get the time off from work for quite sometime. Now I know shit happens but I'm mad... so mad that I began screaming and throwing a full blown tantrum!!! Tony told me to relax and that he'll make it up to me but "fuck it" I'm still pissed off at the world. You should of seen me standing there in my panties and tee jumping up and down waving my fist in the air... LOL. I was going to call the travel agent and give him a piece of my mind but Tony stopped me and then he said the one thing I didn't want to hear. "Veronica, relax and put your big girl panties on." That condescending prick, how dare he say that to me in a moment of crisis. I gave him the finger with an evil smirk on my face. "Now your going to get it" he yelled! "Since you can't put your big girl panties on and handle the situation I'll just have to pull them down." Over-the-knee I went for what was one of the hardest hand spankings I had in a very long time. He tanned my bottom for a solid 20 or 30 minutes and finished up by removing my flip flop and tanned me some more for good measure. After that spanking I felt all my worries disappear into thin air. I felt so relieved and in control that it was exactly what I needed. Once off his lap I kissed him and thanked him and put on my big girl panties to conquer the world. :)



Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Wonderful Veronica :-)
Wow !
First - I am very sorry to hear about Aruba. So frustrating ! You sure have my sympathies Veronica. Love and hugs for that already.

Boo-Hoo :-( Sad but frankly, my was not your Big Girl panties that misbehaved young lady !!

Oh my ! What a truly, good smacked bottom you gotten here Veronica. As a naughty lil' girl you sure gotten your comeuppance over the knee, trembling botties bare, once Papi had passed the required sentence !

Big girl panties are soft and comfy and provide our fairest, quivering, snuggy, botties with soothing, confidence, protection and warm cosiness, Veronica. But when we gotten naughty, those big Girl panties (and lil' girl panties, already !) need to be pulled down to uncover our lily-white, fairy-soft, sensitive-skinned botties for domestic CP Veronica. Yes for sure, and to receive the paternal or maternal hornets nest . It has always been that way and always will be that way.

Those last few fantastic photos of you standing with your stingy bot all red and sore is testimony to Ol' fashioned, strict contexts and natural corrective scenarios that underpin traditional family values - and oh my, with your Big Girl pinky panties around your knees in defeat and defiance young lady. Now you gotten to do the switchy-spanky-flip-flop dance !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Golden Teacher said...

Lovely scene! I like that he used your own sandal against you.