Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Veronica's Potpourri

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Anonymous said...

Some vivid, scarlet shading suitably placed on that special, cotton-soft surface provided by God and Nature for kind, caring domestic discipline Veronica ?

Soooo love your black n white vintage style, Veronica. You bring spanking memories across the decades to yourself, to yours truly and to all of us, Veronica.

Despite me going down the gym most days, I realize already, that as a lady in my late 50s, my own memoirs of spanking are so vintage themselves ! Oh my ! I was born in Atlanta in the late 1950s and the world was in black n white then ! :-)

Talking of lovely, strict, vintage Veronica, do check out the final scene of Strictmoor Academy Year 2 (scene 10) posted on sarahgregoryspanking.com this week.

Years 1 and 2 deserve the Oscars, as does Tasha Lee herself, who's narration is so realistic and wonderful. She is sooooo my strict, religious, conservative mother back in the early 1960s when I was growing up !

As wonderful vintage mom, Mrs Cooper, Tasha Lee's final line says "the best lessons are always learned with an old fashioned, over the knee, panties down, bare bottom spanking"...with seven naughty daughters crying and blubbing to the end !

I especially like (Gulp !) the thwip-smack sound of the rattan cane across their bare, trembling, lily-white, sensitive skinned botties in this final scene. A familiar, harsh sound to me Veronica because my mother caned my sister and me throughout our childhood :-(

The typical, thin, flexible, rattan switch - yes, a proper "rod of correction" for a strong faith household - was kept in the downstairs cupboard and we gotten it from age 8. Mom always administered it on the bare skin on our bottoms. That was normal. That was the punishment Veronica. Before the cane we gotten the wooden spoon and hairbrush (OTK, bare bums obviously !)

As a 1950s born Southern belle, I do find StrictmoorAcademy.com so scary, nostalgic and realistic, Veronica. And it now has its own awesome website. And we await the third series, later in 2018. Oh my !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx