Sunday, March 11, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Daughter: "You wouldn't dare hit a girl with glasses!"

Daddy: "The end I'm hitting doesn't wear glasses!!!"


Anonymous said...

Daddy is sooooo right Veronica. Aren't you a naughty Lil Miss Tantrum Face already ?!

Veronica, I truly believe that God and Nature provided we precocious, lil' princess-brats with a special place where we gotten punished when we gotten naughty !

An ample, smooth, chubby, poutey place covered in cotton-soft, very sensitive skin which facilitates the sting from the "rod of correction". Oh my ! And yes, in its bare state too, Missy !!
No protective coverings required Veronica ! "You gotta fear it and feel it Brenda " ( my mother used to say to me and lil' sis back in the days of yore !)
You sure gonna learn your lesson on a Sunday, young lady !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

My goodness (know the naughty devil I am, more likely my wickedness), such a cutie little shy school girl in glasses!!! But still oh so naughty demurely teasing and not so secretly dreaming of getting over-the-knee spankings, makes your naughty devil daddy just so proud and need to take you over his knee this instant!!! Hope your naughty devil daddy flipped your little short pleated school girl skirt up (oh so much fun!) for a panty spanking to start (even more fun!), then pulled those little pretty panties down (absolutely fun!) for poor little shy school girl to get a good embarrassing bare bottom over-the-knee spanking (ultimately fun!) to making all your cute little pretty cheeks blush bright red!!! And when sobbing tears of mascara run down from behind those little shy school girl glasses, naughty devil will have his naughty little shy angel's blushing bottom sit on his lap to cuddle and caress his little darling to forgive and love her.

Cute little demure not so shy teasing school girls always inspire naughty devils to have such fun wicked loving over-the-knee spanking fantasies, just can't imagine why!
ND =;)

The Glenmore said...

Love the glasses Veronica....nice touch!

Dai Preston said...

Ha! In glasses you remind me of Thelma in the Scooby-Doo cartoons!