Sunday, March 25, 2018

Can't sit down Sunday :(

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Anonymous said...

A swarm of angry bees, indoors already, and raging against a soft, lily-white princess botty !

Veronica, I guess your neighbors are well tuned to the sounds of Spring. They sure can distinguish between the smack of the paternal hairbrush on non-misbehaving clothes versus the unmistakable sound on badly misbehaving exposed, alabaster-white botty skin ?! I believe it is embedded in Southern culture to listen out for the sounds of a good, smacked bottom ! It is just a general maternal/paternal care and interest in the girl next door !? My hubby and me gotten none too embarrassed when the neighbors listen out for us ! :-)

Oh my ! Growing up in our Atlanta suburb in the early 1960s, our lovely (strict !) elderly neighbors were part of the "community spanking machine", Veronica. Part of the traditional social mores and strict family values. They were like family to us.

They came to Church, we were always together, they constantly talked with my mom over coffee...and they could hear our princess cries and the "rod of correction" (mom's lil' dreaded spanky-stick) being resoundingly applied to the sensitive bare skin on our naughty backsides :-(
Lots of CP. No PC whatsoever in those days ! Oh don't you just love neighbors already, Veronica !! :-)
Are they are listening right now ?
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx